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Coach Andrew Muthemba

With over 25+ years of direct experience, Dr. Muthemba assists the public by offering transformative counseling and life coaching services.  He is an expert in assisting those who are in need of support and guidance as they attempt to improve various areas of their lives to include family, career, business and relationships.  Dr. Muthemba’s knowledge finds its foundation in his extensive academic pursuits.  He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling from the Apex School of Theology in Durham, N.C.  He also holds a dual Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling and a Masters of Divinity, also from the Apex School of Theology.  His Bachelors of Arts degree is in Theology Education.  Additionally, Dr. Muthemba is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS-A) and specializes in treatments centered on research-based therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Andrew Muthemba

In 2008, Dr. Muthemba founded the United Brethren Restoration Center (UBRC), a non-profit organization located in Raleigh, NC.  As a community leader, Dr. Muthemba spearheads empowerment initiatives that identify key areas of community counseling gaps.  He then designs and implements results-driven projects to fill these gaps.  In this manner, UBRC provides counseling, development and outreach programs aimed at restoring the lives of members of the community and other surrounding areas.  Such programs include job placement assistance, educational services, substance abuse counseling, women’s initiatives, domestic violence counseling, housing assistance, financial planning, mentorship and youth programs.  As an Executive Board Member and Counselor,Dr. Muthemba wholeheartedly assists those who seek out his services for the purpose of improving their health and overall well-being.

Dr. Muthemba is also a member of the International Association for Community Development (IACD) as well as the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International.  He routinely volunteers with the Kenya Christian Fellowship of America as well as Bethsaida World Ministries International where he oversees support groups, workshops and community events for those in need of therapeutic counseling services.  Dr. Muthemba consistently engages in on-going training and continuing education courses to improve his skills and to stay abreast of industry advances and trends.  He is well-known for his engaging personality and ability to quickly build rapport with those he interacts with.  Dr. Muthemba is Senior Vice President and partner at Synergy ICCT and also doubles as a lead trainer. He is committed to the mission and vision of Synergy ICCTand is a known personality along its corridors.  He is passionate and excited about the difference Synergy ICCT is making to change lives not only in the Triangle area but in the world at large.

Coach Andrew Muthemba
Senior Vice President Partner and Lead Trainer
SYNERGY International, Inc.