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Coach Benard Theora

Hello, my name is Benard Theora Founder and CEO of Synergy International Coaching, Counseling and Training (popularly Synergy ICCT). Here at Synergy ICCT, we do both life and business coaching covering areas of interest like Transformation, Relationship, Career/life balance, Marriage, Health and Wellness or Self-Care, Business and Executive coaching. Our clients are committed individuals and organizations that want to exceed beyond their limits by tapping on the energy within and trusting on new perspectives and energy from the coach. Examining one’s life and admitting they need help is not easy and that is why many people do not do it and prefer instead to remain where they are. However, those that take that bold step to exit their comfort zone are often successful individuals that want to continue improving their performance in pursuit for greater achievements and success.

I always approach coaching with an open mind that is accommodating, tolerant, and honest to all my clients irrespective of where they are. I start from the premise that, although people maybe at a crossroad, they want to better their lives and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. That mindset allows me to completely calm my mind down and to combine my energy and experiences with that of my client to produce a force that is able to propel the client to a higher level of productivity, mutual understanding and satisfaction. This expectation has helped me to actively listen to clients clearly and courteously so I can be helpful, thoughtful and a sounding board for them. My experience in dealing with clients from different backgrounds, customs, traditions,and circumstances plus my management consulting skills gives me the important ability to ask relevant and thought-provoking questions in a way that arouses clients’ curiosity about themselves and what they truly want.

Coach Benard Theora : MSc. in Agricultural Economics, M.A. in Christian Counseling, Professional Certified Coach (Life Coach Institute OC)

Our Promises to Our Clients

At Synergy ICCT, we believe that the best way to have our current and future clients make informed decisions is to let them know from the start our commitment and what we promise to deliver. Here is what Synergy ICCT promises to deliver to our esteemed clients who commit to stick with us and work hard to meet the goals we jointly set.

Professionally, personalized programs for success
Clear structure to keep them focused, on track, accountable and successful
Confidential forums for discussion where challenges are shared, brainstorming occurs and problems are addressed.
Support to mentor and sharpen skills, clarity and awareness
Direction on materials and technology to support top quality growth
Opportunity to hone critical thinking skills, analyze situations and co-create strategies to effectively deal with them
If you see promise for yourself or those you care for most in what we share here, contact us and let us show you how we plan to achieve what we have promised and demonstrate that our walk is as strong as our talk.


Coach Bernard Theora
CEO and Lead Business/Life Coach
SYNERGY International, Inc.