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This is a holistic leadership assessment where the leader gathers feedback from individuals familiar with his/her leadership to offer a panoramic view of your existing skills. In addition to completing a self- assessment, the leader will invite:

Superiors: Board Member/Advisors/Mentors/Former Employers
Peers: Co-workers, team members, colleagues
Subordinates: Indirect or Direct Reports
Others: Partners/Suppliers/Vendors/ Community Members/Clients
The goal of the 360 Mirror is to identify the strengths and areas of opportunities within your leadership style. The results of this assessment will provide you help to determine leadership development priorities.

The 360 Mirror is entirely web-based. The assessment contains scale of items measuring core competencies and leadership traits, as well as open-ended questions to allow more detailed, qualitative responses. First, you rate yourself. Then, you invite respondents to reflect on the individual then, you

Manage Self
Lead Team
Build Organization
Commitment to Personal Values

There are about 40 questions in the assessment that should take approximately 30 minutes for you or a respondent to complete.

The 360 MIRROR is an excellent tool to launch your leadership development effort or to assess your leadership development progress.

Hourly coaching sessions: This is one-on-one coaching session with an executive coach to address specific leadership development challenges the leader faces. Sessions may be delivered face to face where possible or virtually and are purchased by the hour.

360 Mirror +Guided Coaching Session

Receive a panoramic assessment of your leadership skills from your superiors, peers, subordinates and other key stakeholders.

Receive a panoramic assessment of your leadership skills from your superiors, peers, subordinates and other key stakeholders. Then work one-on-one with our Leadership Development Consultants to understand your personalized feedback.

360 Mirror + Leadership Development Plan

Engage with an executive coach to explore your personalized 360 feedback and create an actionable leadership development plan. You will have three, one-hour sessions with your Coach scheduled at your convenience. This process will help you understand your strengths from diverse perspectives and concretely translate these findings into leadership goals to help you become a stronger leader.

The 360 leadership assessment gathers feedback from individuals familiar with your leadership to offer a perspective on your existing skills. Synergy ICCT has a great pool of Leadership Development Consultants that qualified to meet all your diverse needs.

Leadership Development Services for Enterprises

The tools and methodologies of our successful program are available to your enterprise. We can create a tailored Leadership Acceleration Program specifically for your necessities.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to create a leadership program for your employees or members, do not hesitate to contact Synergy ICCT by completing our online enquiry form or by directly contacting our Senior Director of Fellowship and Expansion