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On August 27, 2010, Kenya promulgated a new constitution whose goal was to create a decentralized system of Government where two of the three arms of government namely the Legislature and the Executive are devolved to 47 political and administrative counties. The primary objective of this move was to devolve power, resources and representation to the local or grassroots level. However, operations of the County governments did not start until after the 2013 general elections that saw governors, deputy governors and house representatives take up county leadership. This new leadership was given the daunting task of managing county resources to ensure prosperity, enhanced livelihood, improved employment opportunities, improved welfare outcomes and reduced income inequalities. These tasks can be overwhelming for the inexperienced county leadership and will require unity of purpose and unwavering resolution. Because the county governments have now been in operation for close to two years and have weathered the initial challenges, they are at a good position to conduct midterm self-evaluation to determine performance and in some cases to redefine goals or to change priorities altogether.



For a meaningful evaluation, there are some tough but important questions that County leadership must be willing to ask in order to investigate where they are in terms of efforts to transform the county landscape, registering accomplishments and making new initiatives. This is a self-evaluation exercise that calls for leaders to be real and honest with themselves if indeed they are committed to moving the county forward. These questions are not nearly exhaustive and it is recommended that one be as specific as possible.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very poor and 10 excellent), how would you rate the performance of your County in initiating, implementing and completing development projects that create employment opportunities?

Is your County attracting investors as a result of programs you have initiated including improved infrastructures, tax breaks and other incentives that result with an efficient business environment?

Using employment as one of the indicators of your performance, how many jobs have been created in the last two years? These jobs must be directly associated with constitutional and structural changes that created the Counties.
How many people are living below the poverty line in your County? What strategies do you plan to implement that will address this problem?

Is your County benefiting from a higher share of resources from the National government because of the fiscal discipline responsibilities you have instituted?

Would you say your County is better in terms of providing services to the people than before your team took over?

What would you identify as the biggest challenge your administration is facing in initiating development programs and delivering services to the people of your County?

What are some of the things you want to change in order to increase efficiency in service delivery and revenue generation?
One of the reasons the national Government is not transferring services to the County government is lack of capacity, what is your government doing to prepare taking over such services whenever they are released to you?

Graft has become one of the biggest obstacle to growth and development both at the National and County levels. County governments have been on the spotlight because of excessive cases of embezzlement of funds. What measures have you put in place to rid the county of this vice and create a corruption free zone.


Conducting an objective evaluation is a bold step because the results you get may be discouraging and disappointing. However it is important to remember that if the exercise is conducted correctly, data does not lie and you will get information that will assist you make timely interventions. The primary objective of this evaluation is not to make you feel bad if your county is underperforming but rather to clearly inform you that you have work ahead and MUST CHANGE the way you are conducting business in order to get better and new results.

If your county is currently struggling and not experiencing the desired growth levels in terms of creating employment, developing a conducive investment environment, delivering public goods and services to the county population and creating wealth, know that you are not alone. However, I want to congratulate you because you are ahead of the pack since you have acknowledged the truth and willing to do something about it. In fact I am tempted to believe that there are some sectors in your county’s economy that are experiencing some phenomenal growth. While logic suggests you concentrate on those performing sectors, it is equally important for you to make a breakthrough on the static environments. Synergy International CCT is here to help you make this breakthrough by proposing new growth strategies, analyzing associated change risks and systemizing your processes.

If on the other hand the evaluation indicates that your County has experienced a certain degree of development, growth and success, it is time to move to the next level of sustained growth, increased investments and development. While moving to the next level will certainly be highly rewarding, it can also be extremely challenging and risky. However, with caution and careful strategic planning, the County can be guided to move to this next level and continue to grow and subsequently improve the living conditions of your people. Synergy International CCT has products that will assist you move in that direction. We invite you to complete and submit the enquiry form and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Whatever the results of your evaluation are, Synergy International CCT is here to work with you to achieve your desired results. We have products that will assist you redefine your objectives and the processes of addressing your goals when your County is underperforming. If you are making progress and are achieving your goals, we have products that will sustain that momentum and move you to a higher level. We invite you to get in touch with us for a free session where you will get to meet one of our coaches to explain everything to you. If we do not have a ready package that is suitable for your County, we shall have one specifically designed to address your unique circumstances. Yes, relax and let us explore elusive possibilities that will put you on a very high pedestal.