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Here are some of the benefits of Coaching;


• Enhance output, quality, customer service and stakeholders value
• Improved employee commitment and satisfaction, which lead to improved retention
• Demonstrate to workforce that an Institution is committed to developing its staff and helping them advance their skills
• Support employees who’ve been promoted to cope with new tasks
• Help staff to negate out personal issues that might otherwise affect performance at work
• Establish an acceptable practice for self-development
• Sustain other training and development initiatives


• Learn to resolve own problems
• Develop managerial and interpersonal skills
• Cordial relationships with all colleagues
• Recognize and take action on development needs
• Increase self-confidence
• Be more effective, assertive in dealing with all kinds of stakeholders
• Have a positive attitude, which will then impact on performance
• Work on self-awareness and gain new perspectives
• Continuous learning principal that leads to obtain new skills and abilities
• Acquire greater adaptability to change
• Develop better work-life balance
• Understand what stress is and work towards diminished levels
Coaching can be delivered by trained external coaches.

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