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It is a proven fact that when you surround yourself with people living life at a ridiculously high level, they will challenge you and only two outcomes can be expected. First outcome is that you are so challenged to the point you want to better your position in life thus try to reach where these people are. This is good because people with specific knowledge, wisdom and insights can challenge you reach that next level within your own life. However, these people are busy living their lives and doing what they do to keep themselves where they are. Realizing that you need to do something to better yourself is the first step. The next step is to look for a professional who has the time, knowledge and experience to guide, stimulate and propel you to where you want to be. If you work with Synergy ICCT, we promise to get you there at half the time and resources it would have otherwise taken you.


The second outcome may be that you are challenged to the point you start viewing yourself as a looser and non-achiever, feeling sorry for yourself and ultimately deciding to run (withdraw) and hide. Although many people have opted to take this second outcome, it certainly is not a choice anyone would recommend and if you find yourself there, you will need immediate help. Synergy ICCT has just the right people to help you face these fears and prove to you that you are not what those inner voices are telling you. In fact you are a winner and more than a conqueror. You only need to reminisce on the many battles you have won in this life.

As a young boy growing up in Gatuanyaga Thika, I remember sharing my dreams and visions about going to university and earning a degree with my peers who just laughed at me. At the time, no one had gone to the University from my Village and they could not envision how I was going to be the first. Besides, there were many other odds against me including a near absolute poverty situation in our homestead. Most people are content with their lives, and when someone close to them decides to stretch themselves and go for greater things, it threatens them. It challenges them, and their positions in life and if you are not careful they will hold you back and keep you from your dreams and greatness. 

At that very early age I promised myself not to associate with those doubting my ability to go to college but instead decided to escape and surround yourself with people who supported my dreams. I started going to my older sister’s home in Nairobi during the holidays and any other opportunity I could get. When I finally I went to high school away from home, I promised myself never to look back. I never spent more than a weekend in Gatuanyaga again. I achieved my dreams of going to college and obtaining an education. What is sad is that every time I visit my childhood place, I find my old friend there in the village and it is very evident how they turned out.
When you decide to NOT be average, you can’t surround yourself with average people.
They’ll hold you back, and keep you from your greatness. I started to get away from the “dream-stealers, and began surrounding myself with “dream-makers and everything changed. That’s why I still participate in masterminds, and continuously surround myself with fired-up, action-taking, adversity-eating, mediocrity Mountain Movers. It’s what inspired me to become a professional coach so that I can help others become what they have always dreamed to become.

But you have to make that move right now. There’s nothing as powerful as Desire + Action.
If you’re ready to step into your greatness…
Stop talking about it, stop wishing for it and finally stop hoping for it. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!