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Coaching  is always done with an aim  of achieving a particular objective(s). Thus  the issues that need to be addressed should be identified  and results evaluated in a relatively short time.

When a firm is undergoing  considerable skills shortages, funds may be better committed to developing the skills of current workforce through interventions like coaching, rather than expenditure incurred towards  recruiting external candidates.
Organizations should only invest in coaching when they think it will deliver considerable and long-term improvements in workforce  performance.

Periods of major organizational change, can entail significant shifts in the behavior and attitudes of some staff in order to fit in with the new  structure or culture. Coaching can help individuals make these necessary changes.

Coaching can facilitate individuals who are moving to a new job role that requires different skills and abilities. Coaching can be a important short-term intervention to assist people become accustomed and handle their role change.



Coaching can offer support for new group of employees, or even expatriates who have to adjust to a new culture and country. These people often have very specific requirements and they need immediate support as issues arise.

When some of the  staff force  have high levels of particular skills set and experience, that is critical to relationships with contractors/suppliers etc, the firm might have difficulty replacing its human capital. In this situation, it may be more appropriate to provide coaching to the said employees  to improve or develop their interpersonal skills so that  their experience and knowledge is transferred to managerial and/or  within the organization.

Coaching is also essential to Senior managers or executives being groomed for leadership roles etc.

While coaching can be a very effective development tool, as with any learning intervention, it will be most effective when a genuine need for it is identified, and when it is the best development tool for the specific role.